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For The Love of Parenting Podcast 

Welcome to "For the Love of Parenting" podcast.


Whether you're considering pregnancy, a parent that planned their pregnancy, had an “uh-oh” moment and found yourself unexpectedly expecting, or knee-deep in parenting. This podcast is here to support you every step of the way.


Covering topics from pre-baby readiness, pregnancy, childbirth preparation, the exploration of breastfeeding, navigating early parenthood stages, and beyond. This podcast explores the joys, obstacles, and more. While providing guidance, insight, and relatable honest conversation about the rollercoaster journey of parenthood. 

Inaugural Episode - Nurturing Self-Love During Parenthood

Audio episode • 24:38 | Live on • 12/6/23

Pregnancy Concepts - What's Up Wednesday's

For the inaugural episode of For The Love of Parenting Podcast we will focus on exploring the intertwining concepts of self-love/self-care and uncover the importance of building a strong foundation of these concepts before baby, exploring how our mental, emotional, and physical well-being play vital roles in the journey towards parenthood.

Head over to Podcast Resource Freebie Page to get your self-love checklist. Tell me about your self-love journey on my social media (IG and Pinterest). Can't wait to read your stories and see/hear about your journey.

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