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Four Services Offered at Pregnancy Concepts

1. Free Consultation
2. Childbirth Education Class
*Concepts of Labor & Birth

At Pregnancy Concepts, we encourage moms-to-be to take charge of their maternity care. When a woman participates in a free consultation with Pregnancy Concepts – she empowers herself with knowledge about available options during her birth experience.

Email to schedule a free consultation

This class is designed to prepare families for the labor and birth experience. This childbirth preparation class provides evidence-based information on the physiological and emotional aspects of labor and delivery through lecture, discussion, video and hands-on practice. This class will cover phases and stages of labor, breathing and relaxation techniques, positioning for comfort, the role of your partner/doula support, and medication options.

Email to schedule a childbirth class

4. Breastfeeding Education Class

Concepts of Learning the Basics of Breastfeeding
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3. Lactation Consultation
*Prenatal Lactation Consultation
*Initial Lactation Consultation
*Follow-up Lactation Consultation

Breastfeeding can be a beautiful experience for parents and babies, but sometimes there are breastfeeding issues that may make your experience difficult. 

When facing challenges or wanting to get off to a great start, both parents and parents-to-be can benefit greatly from breastfeeding support. Let Pregnancy Concepts help you navigate through your breastfeeding  journey by answering your questions and advising you on all sorts of issues.

Pregnancy Concepts has partnered with both Lactation Network and Zaya Care to accept insurance for lactation consultations.

To confirm your coverage  - click below.

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield/Anthem PPO,  or Cigna PPO insurance - Click here

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If you DO NOT HAVE insurance or if your insurance is NOT LISTED - please email one of our representatives for more information.

This class is designed to teach expectant parents about the basics of breastfeeding. 

Learn about the benefits of breastfeeding, positions and latching on, signs your baby is getting enough milk, breastfeeding pumps, returning to work, and the importance of partner support. In the instructor-led class, our lactation consultant will help mothers and their partners navigate breastfeeding in the first days and weeks after birth, and will answer your breastfeeding questions and concerns. 

Virtual platform: Zoom.


My baby is now 6 months and still going strong with exclusive breastfeeding. I have a month's worth of breast milk in the freezer. Thank you so much for all your help! I'm going to continue now to see if I can make it to a year.

E. West
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